Enough with reactions, is it not the time to act in Lebanon?

It's frustrating and disappointing how the only thing that the Lebanese youth does when it comes to events surrounding them is to react temporarily. Most of what the Lebanese blogosphere and social media figures/pages do is to -react- to events, a reaction that in the most generous descriptions can be called venting.

We, in Lebanon, sit and wait to see bombings/fighting, corruption, political masquerades etc. happening, and then we vent. We've seen many social media campaigns, previously and recently, and most of the blogging and the content on the social media was nothing more than a limited reaction that wears off in a couple of days, or a few days at most.

"I'm not a martyr", "police did this", "politicians did that", "Customs beaten up journalists" etc. just a sample of what we've seen on the social media and blogs, we only react for a limited amount of time then we move to react to the next event without even considering or thinking about an appropriate action to stop the chain of similar events, in cause and nature, that have been plaguing our country for the last 4 decades. We don't act to correct the problem and to prevent its consequences, we only vent and react repetitively as the problem happens continuously and repeats itself.

It's a fact and it's not unfair to say that all what the Lebanese blogosphere and social media have produced in the last decade, didn't change anything in Lebanon, didn't influence anything in Lebanon and didn't aim to make a change in the first place. And I guess the time has come to say, enough with the useless reactions, we need to act, to put the finger on the problem, to take the initiative to promote social dialogue and social cohesion, to make ordinary Lebanese get together, talk to each other, set common objectives together and to start working on them hand in hand, not for rosy and romantic or utopian motives but for the mere selfish interest of each one of us. We need to construct a better future for ourselves and the next generations, because if we keep on going this way the only losers are us.

In simple words we should act instead of politicizing the air we breathe, feuding about it, and then get killed, and then uselessly react, for example, in bomber costumes on Rawshe.

Note: Post compiled from tweets, thanks to for suggesting to put them in a single text.



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