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Social media, fake news, and the echo chamber

We’re living in an age of unprecedented hyperconnectivity, technologists have provided us with many powerful platforms to communicate, connect, express ourselves, and spread information. But what was in theory the revolution of the information age, turned out to be another manifestation of that proverbial double edged sword.

Entertainment, fun stuff, and jokes are great things and we all need spirit up-lifters on almost a daily basis. But when most of the focus and the content becomes about pointless babble and different types of behaviors that can be categorized as the continuation of the annoying chain mails of the 2000s, then we’re doing something wrong; when writing a trivial tweet gets me tens of retweets and lots of engagement, and a pertinent tweet goes ignored then we must be doing something wrong. 

The amount of distraction and the mechanical way by which we’re leading our lives into the future without enough interest in things that matter are just appalling, we’re drowned …

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