Sectarian regime operational chart

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-The sectarian structure of the lebanese administration and governing bodies not only is a catalyst for corruption, but it also creates corruption.
-It leads to social fragmentation and provides a fertile ground for civil wars and internal clashes.
-One of the results of this structure is that the governing bodies are totally dysfunctional.

It's heart breaking to see how much time is being wasted and how much talent and potential are lost while this structure is hindering Lebanon from being what it should be, a country with loyal citizens instead of a pseudo-conglomerate of heterogeneous sects that are in a constant conflict.

That's why this hideous structure must go down.


I Emilie :) said…
It's hideous indeed, I believe the wind of changes are coming faster than some might believe..
Rany said…
Thanks for the comment emilie, it is coming fast indeed and hopefully it'll clean all this mess.

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