Let's get involved

We’ve all been happy to see the Tunisian people standing up for themselves against an oppressive corrupt regime, and we wished that we can catch this healthy virus in our country to get rid of the ridiculous political club of kids with gray hair ruling Lebanon. A 6 years transition period after the events of 2005 and still things didn’t crystallize into a clear form, 36 years after the start of the civil war and we’re still living parts of it and suffering from its consequences, and all those who caused our misery are still in their places, the same names since the 70s are still here and we’re wondering why things are still the same?

The situation in Lebanon is different than in Tunisia. Our problem is not of a centralized nature like in Tunisia and thus is harder; we don’t have an oppressive regime with its president to topple in order to make a change. Our problem unfortunately is of a distributed nature, there’s one hell of an element of diversity in the way the problem exists in Lebanon and fighting one side of it won’t lead to any important results. We need to find a solution against sectarianism, the political club of war lords and corrupts, the element of fear inside the Lebanese themselves from each other, the racist way through which kids are brought up to see others, threats from outside the borders, the political mafia and their network of corruption, etc.

There’s no solution other than getting involved in everything, the problem is of distributed nature we have to go to all the places where it is. Activists roll up your sleeves and go into action; we’re fed up from nagging on the social media. The Lebanese youth should work collectively to straighten things up, stand up for yourselves not against each other, unemployment in Lebanon is higher than any acceptable percentage and the country is being drained from its youth population what are you waiting for to go down on the streets and shout?! How many laws did the parliament pass the last year? They’re taking tax payers money to wear suits and appear on TV to tell us bullshit, why do we accept this?
The mentality of he’s “our chief” has to end, they’re nothing but a bunch of employees and we’re the Boss, we’re paying them to assume responsibilities in running this country and they fail, time to send them at least home if not to the exile am I right or not?

And how on earth do you accept such a group of mercenaries to run the country? How does a Lebanese politician dare to talk openly without being embarrassed about something like the “seen-seen” initiative so that the cabinet holds a meeting, how on earth did this become acceptable for a Lebanese citizen to see Syrians and Saudis negotiating so that their mercenaries in the Lebanese government hold a meeting, refuse this bullshit, say NO.

Say NO to all the daily lies they pour on us, we’re sick and tired of them so let’s make it heard loud and clear, I think we should get involved in refusing this by doing things that can go as far as organizing sit-ins outside TV stations that are having them for their talk shows.

We need to follow the details of how employment in the public administration is performed and expose that it’s not competence but loyalty to the political mafia that gets one in, we have to scream against that, we need to involve ourselves in deciding how our country is run.

The list of things that can be done is very long, and many ideas can be formulated to fight against this unacceptable situation, but the most important element here is that we need to work collectively, make that poke which will drive the domino effect, gain momentum and continue till the end to get a mafia free, prosperous, correct country. I have a dream, I love that dream and I would love to see it become a reality.


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