I want to know you
to take a peek inside your heart
and be able
to recognize the scent of your hair

even when we’re a hundred miles apart

I want to feel

ripples of heaven
inside my chest
out of points touched by your lips

and that’s just the start

Beautiful thing
I’m falling for you
my inside is crumbling apart
being near you is insatiable
can’t get enough of that
and all my senses
are your captives
shackles are sounding, aloud;
I’m being tortured

and you master it
so naturally
like an art


I Emilie :) said…
Oh Ranny that's so beautiful... Your words are just what a woman would like to hear... Hope you're deeply in love, it suits you well :)
Rany said…
Thank you Emilie :) your opinion means a lot.

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