Lights were sparkling
the last time you were around me
your smile, your warm voice
smoothly slid inside me
and the chills reached my fingertips,
my heart was galloping
and galloping
beat after beat
wanting to go out of me
to go sleep and wake up
where you are now

And what’s with that pride
and you trying to hide away
you’re not at your best,
don’t let it drive you away
forget everything
you’re sort of living inside my chest
and yes
I adore you that much
I adore you that much

So drop that insecure look
in the corner of your eye
what you feel is beautiful
what you are
is beautiful
and when I come to you
please don’t talk
and then stand like a rock
that is about to fall
just put your arms around me
and give me
that very kissable smile….
lights will sparkle
yes I’ll see sparks


george said…
even though it is not a poem, but it is written beautifully, we have something in common! :P i liked the part where u said:my heart was galloping! i guess it is the best word u used :)
Rany said…
thanks George, glad that u liked it! :) but who said poems have to mechanically rhyme? ;)
Anonymous said…
I love this! I read and re-read this about 3 times ans I cannot seem to get enough of it! Awesome post!!
Rany said…
Thanks for your nice comment A. Really glad that you loved it :)

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