Hey you
Beautiful girl
you’ve got gravity fields
around those unearthly subtle curves
You got me feeling like a ghost
and you walk as if you don’t know
what your lines are capable of

Keep on pretending
I want to believe you
that you have no clue
about the sweetest charm
you fill the air with
but my vision is not blurred
this female specie
was extinct
in a blink of an eye
after the creation of the universe

You were so close
to make me believe
that my existence
is nothing but that ink
on my certificate of birth
but that glitter in your eyes
betrayed you
you can't hide
what’s revealed
through those adorable eyes of yours

Keep on pretending
keep on torturing me
I’m inside your cage
like a little helpless bird
but soon enough
you'll see
that revenge is a meal
best eaten cold.


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