Take me up to the highest cliff you know
and push me
to the sea below,
I wouldn’t mind
I wouldn’t say no
if the touch of your hands
is the last thing I will feel
it’ll be a pleasure to go.

Scared of losing all the time
you locked love inside you
aching and torturing you
from unknown corners
in your soul,
let it go lovely girl
let it go
it has a destination that is yearning for,
you wait a lifetime to be found
no need to be scared anymore.
Take a look at me
and let it go to where it wants to go
you can take me
up to the highest cliff you know
and push me
to the sea below


Zeina said…
Maybe she is not scared! Maybe she just loves in a different way!

I would say she is not afraid of losing .. she's not afraid at all!

She just needs he who is up for the challenge, who would fall from the highest cliff then come back and they jump together...
Gaby said…
For me,the partner’s greater beings, gradually freeing themselves from the prison of conditioned patterns, bring about a defeat in past self.
As this starts reverberating through their relationship, old expectations finally give way, old movies stop running, & a larger acceptance than they believed possible can start opening up between them.
As they become willing to face and embrace whatever stands between them— old relational wounds from the past, personal pathologies, difficulties hearing and understanding each other, different values and sensitivities— all in the name of loving and letting be (throwing them off the cliff),
they are invited to “enter into reality.”
Then it becomes possible to start encountering each other nakedly, in the open field of "nowness", fresh and unfabricated, the field of love forever vibrating with unimagined possibilities.

You brought up quite some thoughts! lol
Rany said…
Well maybe, but the one I'm talking about is scared, I'm talking about that case in particular. Thx for passing by :)

What you mentioned is what at the end every couple wishes for, only lucky ones have it. Thx for the nice comment. :)
Liliane said…
ouf i went through a familiar case.. i learned,to let go. you can't change a person or encourage them or whatever.. until they're ready
Rany said…
Yeah I guess you're right, but you know sometimes some people need a slap to wake up.

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