Name the politician

Probably most of us do not think highly of the politicians present on the lebanese political scene, however I would like to know if any of you can name three lebanese politicians who gained your respect. So go ahead people and shoot!


Anonymous said…
Khatchig Babikian because he has an awesome name and most importantly because of his strong efforts in establishing charitable funding for the Armenian Community in Lebanon.

Saadallah Mazrani, I suppose because he is still running as a communist. Though communism has long been expired.

Those who are members of the Movement of Reform and Environment Program. They have initiated efforts in fighting air and sea pollution which is great, I hope they get funded!!.

Finally, and I guess what really counts, is the average Joe's and Alice's that work hard everyday to make the country a better place, and I bet they are doing a phenomenal job then any politician.

Z ;)
Beirut Boy said…
No Lebanese politician, in my opinion, has gotten out of their way to make our lives any better.

Until they actually DO something that makes our lives easier, they don't deserve my respect.
Rany said…

Well not sure abt who you are hmmmm, however I suspect that you're the bedouin Z :P :)

Well I agree about Khatchig Babikian, however saadallah mazraani not sure abt that, I'm surprised you know abt him lol! From the lebanese communist party figures I prefer Georges Hawi, too bad he was assassinated back in 2005, he was a prominent political figure and kept the independence of the leb communist party when he refused to take orders from the soviets back in the 70s and 80s, plus in his time the leb communist party was resisting invaders to lebanon from all directions and sides which is a positive thing in their history. Anyway nowadays they're a wreck of a party nothing is left from what it used to be.

I've never heard of that movement, but if what you;re saying is true, I hope they get funded. :)

But about the average Joe and Alice well they're the heart of the problem :) had it not been for them and their sick mentalities other type of politicians would be ruling today. It's them who are fueling sectarianism and keeping old war lords in power.

R :P


Well I respect your opinion, and I agree with you to a certain extent however I find the experience of Baroud to be worthy of respect, and there's a guy who was a minister for a couple of months named Demianos Qattar, but he's not in the political club so they ousted him immediately, but he's a very balanced smart guy.
Anonymous said…
Okay my three politicians...
I would really usually have said not a single one of them, but I'll say, for the sake of this post the three and why:

1.) Bashir Gemayeel: because he was smart, and possessed more intelligence in comparison to others(LOL).he is carried a belief that was established by his family... one that I support in the aspect that it really is the only one that is primarily LEBANESE NATIONALIST more than it is religious (even though religion plays a large part in the group, it is secular and many Muslims are part of it). I like the fact that his family today haven't sold out, their beliefs are what they are and will never really change. Other political groups and their representatives are really all over the place all the time... *cough* walid joumblat *cough*. I respect him simply for the fact, he has and will always stick to what the group believes in... now and 150 years from now. I respect his martyrdom as well.

2.)Antun Saadeh: Yes, the late Antun Saadeh. I appreciate his ideology as I believe it really is the only ideology that works for Lebanon. His ideology of a completely secular country where religion and politics are two separate entities. I appreciate how he died for his beliefs, murdered, and martyred for them... I dont see any of our current politicians doing that.

3.)Gibran Bassil: Because I find that he, for once, is actually TRYING to solve our electricity crisis.

I picked two dead leaders, and one alive one, simply because I dont think any living ones are worth anything... the two dead ones atleast had a "hadaf" or purpose and I respect them for that.

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