The break

What am I supposed to do now?
close my eyes and tomorrow is another day?
the day light is breaking 

against your skin,

and fading away
there’s no way for it to go inside
and light up your way

You have 
that lethal skill
to kill,
that were meant to live endlessly
every single day

You strip words from meanings.
When around you,
they’re just sounds that resonate,
for a fraction of time
before they disappear and fall into dismay
trying to translate
hopes, dreams

passion, anger, and wounds bleeding
and all the beautiful things
that you transformed into a game to play

Your promises
are ill fated creatures
that cannot live one second
after an hour away
What am I supposed to do now?
there’s nothing left to say
I’ll close my eyes, breathe deeply

and let what you’ve broken


wondassista said…
yes tomorrow is another day... it may leave a trace of yesterday but let this trace help us to learn and move further (je ne sais pas si je me suis bien exprimee lol)en tout cas, ces experiences nous stimulent a ecrire de tres beaux poemes...
Rany said…
Thx wondassista for the nice comment :) well it's true life is about learning and moving forward, anyway it wasn't exactly a certain experience behind this post, it's more of an attempt to address a certain topic and try to write something nice to read, but I'm not sure how much I succeeded.

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