It's been a long time since I've written something on this blog, I was lazy I admit it but I was busy too. I mean by busy that, for example, the security guy had to come at midnight to kick me and my colleagues out of the lab; yeah it's true, welcome to the engineering grad. school.

Anyway, now I have a bit of time to post something but I don't know where to start; so many things have happened and I'm interested in blogging about various subjects but I guess I will stick to my habit on this blog, which is nagging about Lebanon... I missed it. :)

That place is a hopeless case, we're already so late on very important issues and no one is even trying to take an action except Ziad Baroud maybe, he tried to try but that's how far he can go in our happy country. Chaos rules in the cedar land, corruption and recklessness they rule too, it seems that those things have made a pact of national unity and they will definitely last and live more than the so called national unity government.
To cut into the major points that are specifically annoying me these days, first I want to talk about the real estate sector. The situation is becoming disgusting:no rules, no regulations, no urban planning. It's literally the wild west minus the heroes, all we have is business men with an insatiable lust for profits who are ready to sacrifice anything for an extra profit. 
The other day I was talking to an old civil engineer and he said that 200 years ago when the ottomans were ruling there was more efficient urban planning than today. What is happening today is catastrophic, buildings are being erected in the poorest ways just for fast profits without any consideration for the required infrastructure of roads, water, sewage, electricity(it's so hard to install a good distribution system for this concrete jungle)and even air! And let's hope that an earthquake won't hit us because lots of those new buildings will crumble in no time. And the prices, don't ask about them, sky rocketing just like that because the market is left for the greed of those who can take advantage of it. This crazy real estate bubble, and I hope that it will turn out to be a bubble, is driving a huge overall inflation and I believe that from here till the end of next summer people will start to scream.

The second issue is the telecom sector, and I would like to say PRIVATIZE NOW! it's pathetic that the government relies on it for revenues and believe me it'll get more revenues on the long term if it is privatized, it is an extremely essential infrastructure that will drive economic growth and we're still in the telecom dark ages.

The energy sector, something has to be done so very soon because the oil prices will be on the rise again, no more time to lose on that subject and it is an issue of national security! Without affordable energy no one can live and no economic activity can be sustained.

And I hope that someday something will happen to eradicate the whole political club that is controlling Lebanon, the so called politicians and their sick supporters inside Lebanon and abroad. It's really painful to discover more and more how much potential, how much talent we have and it's outside the country. It's amazing how much there are successful Lebanese writing success stories that are making significant differences to where they are and none of them wants to go back to Lebanon because it is a hopeless case and because the only thing they can do in it is, well to waste their time.
I hope you're not too much bored if you continued reading till here, probably next post will be better.


poshlemon said…
Glad you're back and busy :)

Ahhh, I am completely and utterly blinded by my longing to be back in Lebanon that I am failing to critically and objectively agree that Lebanon is a hopeless case lol But, oh hell yeah, you're right on every single point you raise.
ella said…
i am glad you're blogging again rany, regardless the lebanon situation:) hello, been a while...
Rany said…
PL, Ella, Thank you and I'm glad too to see your comments :)

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