Blood test

Sugarcane juice, poison, some flower petals, and gasoline, all tinted in red, that’s what makes my blood, is there someone who wants to taste a bit of it? Maybe if someone will taste someone will understand…….. me and someone will taste the little world inside…….. me and the molecules of which my body is made out are clear to see clear to figure out in the light in the dark for a blind man or a hawk in the sky yes but, their nature and the ability of others to look and see is not important, some other things everywhere block them out and why do I blame myself and ask am I hard to figure out? The sun rises every morning and the apple doesn’t fly it falls down to earth, I got used to a lot of things and why not add one more thing to them? I guess it wouldn’t hurt.

You look at the mirror everyday many times, does it show you a different face every time? Do you notice the difference or you’re distracted by all things that weigh heavy in life and it just becomes the same face that you see every time? The mirror doesn’t lie, but my human eyes sometimes they tell lies, they tell epic tales that can blow the mind and they manipulate inside even though it’s well known it’s all lies…. It’s really weird how eyes show us the truth and tell lies and we blind ourselves in the stage that processes light.


Liliane said…
you cant rely on what your eyes see. Cliché yes but you see what your heart feels. And this is when the eyes sometimes lie..

i hate these days. nshalla yemer2o bser3a :)
Rany said…
Yes true I agree, I guess you can rely on what your eyes see only when you learn how to see with them correctly.... and as u said nshalla yemer2o bser3a these days.

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