The Lamborghini next to me

So I came back from a work trip to where I am based to find out that the new guy who works in the same building where I work was given the parking spot which is right next to mine, and guess what he drives a Lamborghini.
Now as you can see this is a totally unacceptable situation for me, so I guess we have to confiscate his car, and to do so I need the help of you guys.
Ella will have to take care of observation and surveillance.
I will take care of planning, disengaging the alarm system and breaking into the car.
Liliane will be our getaway driver.
P will be waiting for us with her painting skills inside a big truck where she will rebaptize this Lamborghini in silver.
Wondassista will have to use her international connections to get a new registration plate ( an" RNY 333" plate would be perfect)

And then we will take it somewhere safe, it will be mine and you guys can go back home. :P :)
So to cut it short, who's in with me?


poshlemon said…

wow and what car do you have? I just want to see if there is a huge difference ;)

and so now am part of your Mob? not only that, but you also want to take the car for yourself once we've served your goals.

Sorry, not in... unless I get my share of the car.
Rany said…
And why do you want to see if there's a huge difference? :)
I have a Honda Accord 2008, beautiful powerful and reliable but it doesn't compare to an italian sports car and it's not even mine I have to return it to my company when I leave them, what can I say my dad doesn't own an oil well like the Lamborghini guy's dad :)

Ok, we'll do it Daniel Ocean's way so we'll be a team and not a mob, it has to be fair. The car will be with each one of us for one day and the next he/she will give it to the other and it goes on like that...So what do you think now?
_z. said…
no no.. I like your initial planning ..

stick to the plan... paint posh! paint.
Liliane said…
hmmm i love my role :D the designated driver! WOOOHOOO :D

its ok you can have it Rany :D its satisfying for me to drive it for a coupla minutes ;)
ella said…
hahahaha alright i accept without my share because if it happens that am left alone with this car i'd sell it right away;)
wondassista said…
it depends: in with u or in the car or both? lolllll
Liliane said…
ok so you haven't blogged for 2 weeks, could it be that you did steal this Lamborghini and ended up in jail? :P
Rany said…
Will be back with my replies soon. I have a problem with my laptop. Commenting from my phone and it's a pain to type like this.
Rany said…
_z. welcome to this blog, ur right it's a wonderful plan man, I hope some other ppl can hear you.. :)

First of all thanks for asking abt me; but ur asking if I were in jail overhere too?? As I have replied on ur blog, u ran away with the car and left us behind for the cops w 7sebek ba3dein :P :)

Thx a lot for accepting :), but come on selling it right away that's a heartbreaker!

whatever u like is ok with me ;) :)
Zeinab said…
Emm...don't know if it's the right place to post this...but does anybody know how Rany is doing? His blog hasn't been touched for awhile.
Rany said…

Thx a lot for asking, I'm doing very fine I hope that you're doing good as well... Just not in the mood for blogging that's all. :)
ella said…
hello. hope ur fine:)
Rany said…
Hello ella...thx for asking, I'm fine hope ur fine too :)

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