Change we need...

That's what real men, civilized men, men who deserve being alive in the 21st century say about their political opponents and their supporters. We haven't seen too much from Obama, we will need to wait 4 years to be able to see what he really is, but those words he said deserve nothing less than utter respect.

"Ya ashraf annas". That's how a Lebanese politician addresses his supporters, they are the people of honor, yeah and other lebanese are sons of bitches.

"Enta meen?". Yeah who are you? that's how a Lebanese politician addressed his political opponents, and yes he can say it why not. He is the glorious, he has a glory with an epic dimension that not even the caesars of Rome have witnessed and achieved, others are nothing, they are an inferior specie compared to his might and glory.

"What is important is quality not quantity" That's how a Lebanese politician looks at the supporters of his opponent, they lack quality, once again it's the supremacy feeling that the politician gets when he compares himself to others. Others are an inferior specie that comes in big numbers.

"Meshyin metel el ghanam"... Yeah, for him his opponents' supporters are like animals, idiot animals.

50 years ago, americans of african origins were subject to racist segregation everywhere in the US, and on all sorts of levels. Now, few decades later an american of african origins takes the top job and by the votes of the american people. People have changed, they have learned lessons and drawn conclusions, they have opened their eyes, refused what was wrong and made the change.

In Lebanon, nothing has changed. It's the same hatred the same racist mentality that is passed from one generation to the other. And no one comes out to say stop, stop this bullshit, change because we have to change, no one tries to put some motion in the wheel of civilization to take the lebanese society out of its stagnation, out of the mentality that prevailed since hundreds of years ago.
Sometimes I feel embarrassed, offended by how things in Lebanon are. And I have a problem, I can't relate to the lebanese mentality and the lebanese brain. I'm not saying I am better, but I can't relate to many things that cast the lebanese identity, I only relate to the land.

So it is a change that we need, will someone ever make it happen?


poshlemon said…
You've voiced my thoughts and convictions about this man, who so far has exhibited nothing less than greatness... such a rare man. Of course, we have to wait and see what he does, both internally and internationally :)

You also speak my mind with everything you say about the situation in Lebanon. I have so much to say about Lebanon. Similar stuff but maybe more personal stuff drawn from my recent experiences here. I will soon :)

I think the change happens when people, especially the youth, start adopting your way of thinking, my way of thinking and the way of thinking of every neutral, educated, civilized, and secular individual. This when the change happens. But the problem is, how do you mobilize these people, and how do you turn them into all those adjectives anyways?
Rany said…

yey Obama! :) But I don't share with you and P the enthusiasm about this man I mean not that much, Obamania didn't manage to drift me away with it, I think that we should wait at least one year to see.

The international political system has become unbalanced with the rise of china, and russia is trying to sabotage on the west as much as it can, there are many issues that can be a root for conflicts, other than political domination, you have energy needs and supplies, trade and economic competitiveness especially after the crisis we're in, and based on the way Obama is choosing his administration's staff I think that even though the whole american foreign policy will be more rational, there will be confrontation on the international scene in many places, not the cowboy style that we've seen during Bush's years.. But these guys are very good strategists and excellent tacticians. So let's wait and see.

looking forward to reading what you will write, yes you're totally right, the change will only happen when people will start adopting a different and more rational way of thinking. The way of thinking of neutral, educated, civilized and secular individuals as you have described it.

How to mobilize? that's a big question. Well I don't know, I am not much of a revolutionary guy when it comes to mobilizing masses :) , I care about my own things for the time being, and I totally hate it when people are mobilized based on a contagious emotional pulse, it's not healthy, it blinds brains.

All we can do currently is write, talk and try to shed light on a different way of thinking. And hopefully with some others doing the same thing more people will start thinking differently. What would you do yourself to mobilize these people??
Liliane said…
Well you're definitely right Rany, it is pretty premature to judge, or say anything about Obama. But for me, he's most probably much better than McCain!

Already Obama will be inherting 2 wars, a recession and a f*cked internal situation in the US.

From the choice of his stuff, I heard his Chief of the house is quite interesting :p

Maybe he's planning peace between Iran and Israel who knows! Maybe not.

Let's hope at least he signs on taking a look into executing a solution for the global warming, this would give earth a bit more time into... destroying each other :P
Rany said…
Well yeah he is much better than McCain for sure but will he prove to be deserving of this worldwide enthusiasm that he has? that's the question.

And he definitely has to take measures when it comes to global warming, he can't escape it. But that too will lead prematurely into...destroying each other, since it has to do with securing clean energy resources and it will harm economic competitiveness for the west and that would mean losing some of the political power they already have which will surely lead to conflicts :P

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