A random evening

I decided a couple of days ago to go with a friend to check out a music instruments shop that has recently opened in a big mall. He wanted to buy an electric pedal, and I’ve been away from guitars for a while and I felt a need to see some musical instruments and maybe buy a new guitar. Anyway we arrived there and it was a delight to be surrounded by so many instruments with each having its own features and own story, like being hand crafted or being made out of a special wood etc… And to add to my joy we grabbed a couple of acoustic guitars and we played together for twenty minutes, Guns n’ Roses, Nirvana, Staind, Radiohead, and I played Feirouz too…. So it was a beautiful half an hour.

Now jumping to another issue, there’s something about the opposite sex in this country, you hardly notice that they actually exist! they’re always dressed in black and veiled, sometimes totally veiled even the eyes, but this time I couldn’t but to notice that they exist, as I reached one of the exit/entrance gates she entered, wearing a body shaped 3abaya, with a pretty semi veiled face and stunning wide arab black eyes…She looked at me and she kept staring, what a pair of eyes, I smiled, and continued my way, she was actually with a man.....

I reached my car, turned it on, the weather was mild for the first time in months…So I thought why not, let’s go see how the desert will be at night. It was this need to break the imprisonment in air conditioned spaces that was imposed by the hot weather, and the nice breeze was tempting.
I went outside the city and took the desert access road, the night was beautiful; it was dark, no moon but it was beautiful. I reached the desert few tens of kilometers away from the highway, turned off my car, and went out. There’s something magical about the desert at night, it makes you feel that you’re a couple of meters away from the sky... and the stars surround you from all directions, you see the sky as a hemisphere enclosing you. And that silence that reigned, not the cruel one but the serene calm one, things were going easily, few breezes blew now and then and that was it, so it was a pleasure to take a deep easy breath of warm air.
But such settings make you revert to yourself and pay attention to things that the daily life occupations distract you from…I noticed those recently nascent feelings in me that I didn’t want. I felt a certain unbalance inside…There was various questions that should be answered to restore that balance, questions that tackle important issues that can determine and shape things that I’ll be working to achieve in the near future, however I just stopped thinking, continued to enjoy the view and the night……..And, it was a pleasant night.


Liliane said…
Well who would've thought desert will look nice :) and make someone feel serene... I like
poshlemon said…

the way you describe the desert makes me want to visit Saudi Arabia as a tourist... although, from hearsay, I know it's near to impossible unless I knew a prince or something. Are you a prince? ;)

Maybe you should share some pictures of this desert that seems to have stolen into your heart.

Would you please play pearl jam's black or metallica's fade to black and upload it here? They were my top requests from my two mates... to the point that I no longer had to ask. As soon as I joined them in their chill out sessions, they'd play my songs.
wondassista said…
quelle soiree, oui... ca mele un peu de tout
De la musique avant toute chose lol
De la beaute apres
Et le calme final, la serenite qui est le desir profond de toute ame humaine...
ella said…
the desert... you make me want to be there too.
posh, my 1st request would always be pearl jam's black as well:)
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Rany said…
yeah everything in this life holds a certain surprise..happy that u like.

Well I haven't checked if I have royal blood so I don't know if I'm a prince or not, but either-ways I'm not a saudi prince.....but don't worry special arrangements can be made for foreign royalties, are you a princess??? ;) :)
Yeah and P, nature is beautiful where ever you go, but only lebanese nature has stolen into my heart, it's where I grew up and the only thing I love about Lebanon.

About playing and posting the song you requested, that would be a bit hard at the moment, since my guitar is back home in lebanon, I left it there bec i don't have time to play here, plus I have to get the minimum recording equipment...so I can't promise you now, but I'll be trying to do it, it's a pleasure to play something upon your request :)

oui c'etait vraiment une belle soiree.

it's a pleasure to play something upon your request too, i'll be trying to do that.

Social Media Exchange,
"help us make a difference".. convince me that what you're doing will make a difference for one single poor person in this world and I'm in. Otherwise it's nothing but ink on paper, and other ppl have done it a long time before...
poshlemon said…

I am not a royal no hehe ;) maybe in my own world.

Well, I guess then I will be expecting to hear you play... I don't mind waiting.

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