Consensus...........or not?

This idea – that no step can be taken without unanimous agreement – was, in any case, largely a myth. ---Carlos Ghosn

But the myth is always alive in Lebanon, nothing should be made without unanimous agreement. The most important thing is al 3aysh al moshtarak, wel sharake bel watan; as if they were cats and mice put in a small place called Lebanon and they can’t live without the agreement of al 3aysh al moshtarak; such as the one usually brokered by the bull dog between tom and jerry, and by the way it always fails. :)

For sure Carlos Ghosn was not talking about the Lebanese socio-political scene, he was talking about how he managed his board of directors at NISSAN which is by the way a company that has an economic mass larger than that of Lebanon, and before Ghosn came to rescue it, it had debts that amounted to over $20 billion. So can anyone tell those who are talking about unanimous consensus to go to hell. Because such thing doesn’t exist and not only has it held us from moving forward, it is dragging us down.

The way to do it is active consensus, when two persons have different approaches they discuss the issue until one of them recognizes the superiority of the other’s approach. But yet again this will never work in Lebanon because the two persons should be striving to achieve one same goal, which is not the case in Lebanon everyone is greedily guarding his socio-political and sectarian territory and wants to take control as much as possible and weaken his evil shoraka2 fil watan as much as he can.

My opinion is that Lebanon is just a patchwork of religious sects, hatred distrust and racism will always govern how they deal with each other till the end of time, we are nothing but an archaic society who made it to the 21st century and thinks that it is civilized because people wear Dior dresses and Armani suits. And I love fashion by the way. :)


poshlemon said…

very correct. Not only that but also the Lebanese people think they are the most civilized people on earth; why? Isn't it because in Lebanon you cannot step out the door without being fully dressed and prepped? From head to toe. This is your average civilized Lebanese person... and all those politicians and businessmen are doing their shit on the sly while the Lebanese try to pick what to wear today to the beach ;)

wondassista said…
ces chers hommes politiques ont en fait un meme objectif celui de gagner de l'argent et de vivre aux depens du peuple aux depens de tout meme s'ils devaient vendre leur pays... aucun scrupule... c vrt... impressionnant et ce qui est encore + impressionnant c que la meme histoire se repete le meme disque tourne et tourne et tourne et ce cher peuple continue a croire les memes mensonges et a commettre les memes erreurs... cercle vicieux...
Zeinab said…
Couldn't agree more...and as you nicely put it "...its just a patchwork of religious sects hatred, distrust and racism.." I guess this holds true for most middle-eastern countries. Let me correct myself, for all middle-eastern countries.

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