Steps to cook a chicken over here.

1- Take the chicken
2- Throw all over it, pepper, spices, a mix of lemon juice, virgin olive oil and garlic or I don't know, whatever you like!
3- Stick it out of the window and count.. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5..
4- Bring it back in and voilà ze specialty of ze chef is ready to be served.
5- Bon appetit
6- W sa7tein 3a 2albkon, hayda eza ba3dkon ma metto mnel shob.
7- Bye ana raye7 dawwer kell el ACyet bel beit.


poshlemon said…
I like your sense of humor ;)

I guess Lebanon would be a better place for a more flattering summer. But I don't think chickens cook that fast in Lebanon.
Rany said…
Merci : )

It's Saudi arabia and not Lebanon....Steel cooks that fast not only chickens :P :)

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