euro 2008

Donadoni is an amature in football tactics and Domenech is an arrogant idiot... Van Basten out performs them.


poshlemon said…
yay shu ennak zenikh! ma3 holland-a?!

hehe ;)

We were at the pub today watching the match. And my friend goes to me, so who are you with? I told him you know what, I like them both and I'm waiting to see what my feelings are going to tell me. My feelings made me cheer for the losing team. Big time losing team. They played like shit today!
Rany said…
hehehehe eh ma3 hollanda.. Dutch mills are grinding, yes they are :)

Well I predicted a massacre, and it was one of the most beautiful games I've ever watched. The dutch played a wonderful game on all levels defense, offense, a wonderful harmony in the midfield and great individual skills, the school of the total football that started with Johan Cruyff in the 70s is back to life bec there are players good enough to implement it...and Marco van basten is excellent he's managing each game very well so far, knowing how to play appropriate tactics and blocking key players in his opponent team.

And Domenech is an arrogant idiot bec he knows that he doesn't have a good offensive midfielder now that Zidane is gone, and the only capable striker he has is Henry and one player is no problem for any team to pin to ground, he could've called Trezeguet who is a very good striker to the team but he insists on not doing so for personal considerations.

The french were not that bad at the game they created some good chances but the dutch were really unbelievable..I hope that holland will continue at this level. I know I talked too much sorry for boring you.
poshlemon said…

no you did not bore me. I love football and all but you just got too technical for me hehe

I don't know. I did not see any good play on behalf of the French but maybe that's because the Dutch by outshone the French and even other favorite teams.
Rany said…
Well the french were better against Holland, today's game was a disaster, now they're out! So who are you with for the rest of this championship???

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