I’ve been having a fierce battle with viruses on my computer the last couple of days. Two days ago, and in a sudden way I started to have detections that were not removed successfully; Trojan horses that were behaving like viruses and exploiting the backup system of windows to remain alive. They opened backdoors to download other viruses and God knows what kind of data they were stealing; and my laptop was running so slowly in an unbearable way. So I decided to hit back even though I didn’t have too much time to do it, I installed two antivirus programs and worked with both of them, I looked for suspicious files and uploaded them for virus analysts. I have contributed to the discovery of two new Trojan horses through my submissions. It took me two days to clean my laptop and bring it back to normal operation!!
I don't know if you've been experiencing the same thing as me but anyway keep your antivirus programs updated on a daily basis, be careful while surfing the web, and don’t input sensitive data on unencrypted sessions.


poshlemon said…
I've got my antivirus up to date. But I gotta tell you, it's like I never need it. I've got a mac you ;) hehe

No seriously, why don't you move to mac. Trust me, once you go mac, there's no turning back!

Oh and why didn't you format your pc instead of wasting two days cleaning it? Are you one of those people who see a challenge in everything?
Rany said…
:) i love mac... i already talked about it here, but the problem in mac is program compatibility. 70% or more of the software produced is made for windows, which is too bad but i believe it'll change with time.

However I installed safari on windows and I use it to surf the web... I hate explorer, safari has a way much better interface, runs smoother and makes everything easy.

Formatting is not a reasonable solution it's the last thing to do and eventually viruses will infect again so it's better to find out defenses and solutions against them, anyway I didn't have time to format bec it takes time to back up all important files and install windows and software and all the updates, moreover in what I do for living a computer is the main tool of work; and in order to reinstall some important software you'll have to be connected to their corresponding equipment so it'll take a lot of time.
No I don't think that I'm one of those people who see a challenge in everything but these viruses were so annoying and I had to hit back I couldn't help it lol.

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