Pictures from the desert


poshlemon said…

so which desert was this? How many days were you there for? Did you prepare for it or did you really *get stuck* there?
Rany said…
Hi PL,

I stayed for one day and one night, I don't know if it has any particular name but it is somewhere near the border between Saudi Arabia and Qatar.

I didn't prepare for it, I went there for work, I had to launch on air some critical cell phone sites and their high frequency long distance links. And one site didn't accept to go on air even though everything was as it should and all the parameters the programming and the configuration were correct, and no one had the slightest idea about what could be the problem, so I stayed till 1:30 am, I solved the problem and launched it on air.
And after that my car got stuck in the smooth sand and I had to decrease the air pressure in my wheels and to dig a couple of tunnels in front of them and make multiple tries to get my car out of the sand, all that in the middle of a sand storm. Visibility is almost zero, you can't open your eyes if you face the wind bec they will be hammered by sand, you can barely breath. And when I finally got out of the sand, it was almost impossible to drive, with sand drifting from side to side on the road and covering it. So I arrived home at 6:00 in the morning.
poshlemon said…

I thought you were offroading or shi heik. All the better though! Getting stuck unexpectedly: this sounds so damn exciting. Not that I don't appreciate how hard you seem to be working and how tough the task must have been, but this is exciting. I don't know. I guess I am sitting and waiting for some adrenaline rush! But, I have to tell you that you're brave. I would have freaked out if that happened to me. But, I am sure you had some other guys with you, maybe some who were helping you work on the project?
Rany said…

Sorry for the late reply and thx for your nice words!. Well yes it ended up being exciting and very fun.
In fact I was alone when I got stuck so I did most of the work to get out, but later a friend arrived and helped in pushing the car.
poshlemon said…

I wanted to reply to your comment on my post here cause I wasn't sure you'd see it there. So, basically, I wanted to say that it was great hearing, reading for that matter, from you. If you're too busy to post (which is a shame), at least be around from time to time :)

ella said…
those are beautiful pics rany, i bet your experience was so too, though trouble was included, but that's part of the fun:)
hope you're doing fine
thanx for sharing
Rany said…
It's always great to see your comments on my rusty blog, I'll try to be around more often.

I'm doing fine, hope you're doing fine too thx for passing by and for the nice comment.

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