The non Lebanese way

" True leadership is the one that makes more leaders, not the one that makes more followers" ... Ralph Nader

And for sure "leader" here is synonymous to "pioneer" and not to "egocentric arrogant stupid politico-sectarian chief"
Ironically Ralph Nader is an american of lebanese origins.


poshlemon said…
This is a good way to actually kick-start your blog for the year 2008.

"egocentric arrogant stupid politico-sectarian chief" <---> I am finding it extremely hard to think of just one Lebanese politician on whom these adjectives do not apply.
Rany said…
Well actually ma 3am tezbat ma3i to kick start my blog for the year 2008, one post only in January!!

About the adjectives, I think I've been polite more than I should, mazbout?
poshlemon said…

tell us about your sand storm adventure.
Rany said…
I've posted some pics and a small brief text will follow later, I'm so busy and I hardly have time to sleep.

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