Nagging time:

- I'm bored of making more than 400km in car each day.
- The stupid beeper that doesn't shut up when the speed of 120km/hr is bypassed is irritating me.
- The only thing I like around me is the desert outside the city and stray wild camels on the side of the road.
- I miss rain and foggy windows.
- I don't have time to write anything other than this silly post.


Isam said…
let us see ... you live in Jeddah and go to work in Rabegh, Saudi Arabia each morning ??
Rany said…
Yes saudi arabia, but the eastern region.
poshlemon said…

you shouldn't go over 120 km/hr.

But, I can understand the need to nag. You can nag some more.
Rany said…

Well I'm not a reckless driver, It's a long and straight highway I drive around 120 in the middle lane which is the normal speed on that lane, and people on the left lane go at much higher speeds 150 and 160.

"You can nag some more"; u made me smile :), thx for the support.
ella said…
i agree with Posh, and do nag whenever u feel like it
this post is cute:)
just be careful on the road...
Rany said…
Thx for the nice comment :), 5alas I'll be more careful.

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