Like shattered glass
Words are in vain,
Time ticks with confusion
While being drunk by pain

The beauty of things
Gives beautiful feelings
But when it’s gone
It takes more than what it gave

And no matter how tempting
The fresh air can be
Bitterness can make a breath
Unworthy to take


poshlemon said…
Everything you say here is very true...
Krys said…
love the photo...
Rany said…

love the comment...it's been a while! thx for coming back and commenting.
Salam said…
Time ticks with confusion
While being drunk by pain. very nice,
I disagree cause time will always tick continuously and smoothly with the same rhythm while we are drunk by pain and burdens of life.
so here rises the importance of time and our courage in fighting pain and healing wounds caused by burdens before time pass and never come back.
Rany said…

For sure time will always tick continuously but here I'm not talking about the reality of time, I'm talking about how it is perceived. It is a subjective view when you feel disconnected and you don't give a damn about anything happening around you except for the thing that is troubling you. So It's just a feeling that I was trying to describe.

The rest I totally agree on it you already know that, but I'd use a word less agressive than fighting, feelings are part of you so there's no need to fight them.

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