سكّر يا.....نادين

The events beautifully flow in a simple way, but the movie is not simplistic at all. A very well crafted scenario that is taken from life and thus full of it. And while the trend among movie makers is to shock to leave an impression this movie approaches problematic issues, talks about them and displays them in a very smooth way and it leaves its deep mark in the viewer without shocking.
By displaying some faces of the feminine life taking place in the Lebanese society (but actually taking place in any other society not only in Lebanon) this movie opens a window on the feminine world and shows us some parts of it and while doing so it sometimes gives a laughter and some other times makes us touch the human pain.

The picture is exquisite and very colorful. Even though it doesn’t show the cliché themes that are used to show how much Lebanon is beautiful it shows some kind of beauty, the beauty of the daily life in the small streets that we dislike and hate sometimes in Beirut, but at the end they make Beirut special and make life in it intimate and warm.

I so much liked the music in this movie, it’s smartly composed, speaks out and conveys the feelings of the events taking place. In some places it was enough to change the instruments (alternation between strings and piano) and to make a small change in the tempo to take us from one mood to a totally different mood while playing the same melody. And the vocalist did a wonderful job in the songs of the movie.

"Caramel" or "سكّر بنات" is a very beautiful movie that combines a deep artistic sense and a good amount of entertainment. I recommend it to those who didn’t see it yet.


poshlemon said…

I am one of those who look forward for a thriving Lebanese Cinema. I know there is great potential for it to grow. I don't know if you've seen the movie 'Zozo', but it is one of the best Lebanese movies I have ever seen. The picture is clear, the cinematographic effects achieve their role of being reminiscent of Lebanon, so on. Watch it if you can.

As for 'Caramel', do you know how I could get hold of it, maybe somewhere online? (I am in London)
Rany said…
That makes us two, I'm also one of those who look forward for a thriving Lebanese cinema. And yes I've seen Zozo and I liked it. As you said the cinematography in it is beautiful and the scenario was nice too. I hope that Lebanon will get back on its feet and the wheel of creativity in all sectors will be in motion I'm sure of that.

As for Caramel, it was bought in 27 countries and surley UK is one of them, so you should find it in a theater near you anytime soon. I'll try to get some info for you about that and I'll tell you what I'll find out. :)

In the mean time you can go to the movie's site and watch some extracts and pics from the movie. the site is : http://caramel-lefilm.com
poshlemon said…
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poshlemon said…

I will keep an eye on any releases in theatres nearby. However, I have not seen any ads yet.

I have seen the trailer for 'Caramel'; it seems really good and it seems to address certain issues in the Lebanese culture/society. But, 'Zozo' addresses a weak point in me, that is my 'Lebanon' and my 'childhood'. 'Zozo' is the epitomy of everything Lebanese. It is told through a young boy, which makes it even more personal. I always get emotional when I watch this movie: the civil war is presented as I remember it when I was a child, the beauty of childhood, the jeddo and teita, the need to fit in a new surrounding, and the constant desire for the home and the past that constitute this home. I love it. Joseph Fares is an excellent director in that matter and I hope he makes more movies on Lebanon and Lebanese life.

Nadine Labaki is a protege and I am very proud to say that she and I have Lebanon in common. I hope more directors follow her path and produce good work. I wonder where Ziad Doueiri(director of 'West Beirut') is.
Rany said…

It seems that you really like Zozo a lot!! :) As you have said Zozo hits a weak point and it's very enjoyable to watch because we see images and stories in it that might remind us of our childhood, it is a sort of autobiography by Joseph Fares that was adapted to cinema by telling the story of a Lebanese little boy. I hope that we'll see something new by Joseph Fares anytime soon.

Now concerning Ziad Doueiri he made another movie "Lila dit ça" or "Lila says" but it has nothing to do with Lebanon, the story happens in France where an arab young man falls in love with a french young woman and she falls in love with him, so basically it talks about passion, and the problems of places having mixed cultures, I haven't seen it eventhough it was in Beirut but I've been told that it's a nice movie.

About the release dates of Caramel it'll be released in September in Belgium and Canada and it is already showing now in France, but I wasn't able to find anything about UK, I'll get back to you later on it if I'll find anything.
Salam said…
walla سكّر ya rani,and thanks, because of your blog i knew about this nice film.
I don't know while i got the scence that it looks like old italian movies while i was watching the trailers.
Rany said…
U're welcome Salam. It's good that it reminded you of something you like, but wait until you watch it you'll have a better opinion about it by then.

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