Everyone is caught up in his previous convictions and beliefs and perceives the world through them instead of perceiving the world as it is in a factual manner capable of distinguishing the differences, the true differences between what’s right and what’s wrong.

Everybody tends to exaggerate, hide parts of the truth that he doesn’t like, lie and falsify, have double standards when judging issues. And all of that because:

- Egoism: Far objects appear smaller; the same law applies to everyone who doesn’t belong to where we belong whether it’s our sect, our political party, our country, our national identity, or whatever we consider as a political, social, religious or intellectual identity. So those who belong to where we belong are appreciated, we listen to them they appear big to us, and we think that they are right even before hearing what they have to say, we think that they must be right in whatever they say . Therefore when we read or listen to them we activate a mechanism of excuses and we tailor the truth to adapt it to what they say. However those who are far from our point of view appear smaller to us and they are given a small coefficient while listening to them, little importance is accorded to what they say, we don’t consider seriously what they say, it’s rubbish no matter what they say, surely it is, it’s our political opponent or someone from another sect who is speaking we don’t think about what they say other than amplifying their mistakes and emphasizing on them while things that make sense are ignored. All we care about is maintaining the rightness of our beliefs and opinions, no one is brave enough to admit his own mistakes to correct them and get a step closer to the true truth, each one considers himself to be flawless, and no one is brave enough to admit that his opponent is right whenever he or she is right.

- Hearing impairments: we only hear and listen to answers that reply to our questions, those questions asked to back and justify our previous beliefs or asked based on our previous convictions and beliefs, answers replying to other questions that might show a truth that we don’t like are systematically ignored and pass by without triggering any interest in checking them closely and considering them as probable or possible.

- Thinking behaviors: we don’t think about concerns and fears of others, our concerns only are considered, we don’t think about the victims and pains of others we only see our pains and victims, an egocentric behavior once again and more than that it is an unethical behavior.
Double standards are our way of evaluating and judging issues, no one uses the same rules in evaluating what he likes and what he doesn’t like, or what he thinks to be true based on personal bias and what he thinks to be very unlikely because it's his opponents opinion.


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