A lebanese film in Cannes

Nadine Labaki's first film "Sekkar Banet" or "Caramel" the title for non arabic speaking countries, was selected to compete in the contest of "La caméra d'or".


Krys said…
check the preview seems like a good movie a little bit "chocolat" style and "amelie poulain" :))
Rany said…
Yes it seems to be a nice movie, but we'll have to wait till August to see it.
hilal said…
I am a fan of nadine labaki.
The film will released 14th of june in empire circuits.

Now time of fight: why did u write this post. Is it because it is a nadine's labaki film or because it is a "lebanese" film?
Don't tell me both plz :P

for example "the bosta" which was promoted as 100%lebanese, (I hated that promotion, because it played on the rising "patriotic" feelings at that time), was a real "trash",scenario-wise. The only advantage i saw in it is giving a chance for some commercial local films. That's not bad. bass inno it differs nothing than SL-film or marwan najjar's TV film.

Yet, nadine labaki always corners me.
Rany said…
Not because it's Lebanese but because it's Nadine Labaki. I think that she's very talented, her way of directing truly speaks the theme of her work, a unique combination of beauty art talent and high technicality.
And FYI there's another Lebanese director who is participating in the same category in Cannes' festival, Danielle Arbid her movie's title is "L'homme perdu" or the lost man, i didn't mention that because i don't know her work i've never seen anything for her, so being lebanese is not the criterion here for me ma3 enno mesh 3ayb wala ghalat but i'm talking about cinema not about cheap patriotism.
I believe that Nadine's movie will be a real push forward for the newborn lebanese movie industry the production is by a big part Lebanese ( sabbah media corporation ) which is a first since a very long time, so if it'll be a success i think that other good stuff will follow.
One more thing, if it'll be a success i think that it'll be fought in some other arab countries ( nchallah otla3 ghaltan ) who will ban it from being displayed and then i'll talk about it out of pure patriotism, regardless its artistic value.

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