When a flower grows out of a rock

5 minutes of silence have passed. I can only hear the sound of the car engine and the wind blowing in the open rear window. I can barely see your face, there’s no light other than the one shining from the muted radio, I see this dim light’s reflection in your eyes, your angry eyes that even when they convey the most cruel expressions they hold an infinite amount of sweetness and warmth, do u know that I was never able to resist or repress this intense sensation that invades me whenever you look at me? Sometimes I want to forget it, remove it, or remove its effect so that I can think clearly about you, I never succeed, it is an utter impossibility. But I learned that it is part of the atmosphere created by the nearness of you, and I learned that this feeling is what led me in the first place to think about you, so it is clear for me after all. There are a thousand words and ideas in my brain that I want to tell you now but I have no solution other than remaining silent, I don’t want to argue with you, I don’t want to tell you about them I just want to keep on driving and talking to myself silently. I’m happy that you followed me and came with me, even though you exploded with anger at me for what I said, I want to tell you that I’m sorry for what happened, that I’m sorry for ruining things with your father, but the tension is high now and it will hold the word “sorry” from being intelligible. I’m sick and tired of fighting this monster of you and me being from different sects but I know that you strongly believe in me, I’m sorry for losing my temper and lecturing your father in a provocative way about secularism and unconditional love. I’m sorry for telling him that it’s not you who will go to hell if you marry someone from another sect, only him will go to hell if he continues on classifying people as good and bad on a sectarian scale, an evil scale full of hatred, only spawning wars and death. I’m sorry for saying that I don’t care about what you think and about your silly diplomatic ways of handling things with your father, I do understand you when you asked me to stop the car so that you can get out of it and I really do care a lot about you and you know that very well. But my veins were pumping rage into my brain; he kicked me out of his house because he didn’t have a reasonable argument to confront me with. I tried to be careful and diplomatic with him for a long time but it was all in vain, years have passed and both of your parents didn’t change their mind and will never change it. I want for our kids to have grand parents as much as you do, but where’s my fault if both my parents and your parents are refusing. They will never understand that years of relationship cannot be deleted just like that because they say so, your parents will never understand that I know things about you and understand you better than they do. I do understand your father, it’s not easy to see someone coming out of nowhere to take away his daughter that he spent years and years raising educating and bringing up, I wasn’t there during all the painful moments that he went through for your sake, but that’s what life is all about, he did it before me to your grand father and it has nothing to do with me being from another sect. I don’t care if we will be stigmatized by everyone around us for a trivial reason. I can’t imagine my future life without you being it, years have passed and my love to you didn’t fade for a single second, loving you is an insatiable act.
(Suddenly he slams on the brakes, the car stops, she moves to open the door, he holds her hand)
- Where do you want to go now in this wilderness, it’s dark and dangerous I can’t let you go.

(She looks at him angrily)
- Let go of my hand you’re hurting me.
- Ok, if you want to go I’m coming with you.
(She looks at him with her piercing eyes full of anger)
- Let go.
- I’ll keep a clearing distance, 5 meters………. No? How about ten……….twenty? ……… ok forty and that’s my last offer…… so what do you say do we have a deal, come on I can’t be separated from you by a longer distance, you understand that don’t you?
- ( she smiles and then she throws herself into his arms)
- I’m sorry for what I said, I care about you more than anything in the world I always did and I will always do.

And they leave the car and walk in the night together.


Krys said…
...and they drove to the airport...took the 1st plane to Paris...got married, a civil marriage akid :) and they called Krys to celebrate.
They all went to "la suite" and danced till the morning and drank champagne.....looooots of champaagne because they were so happy and didn't care abt their parents who eventually at the end will have to accept that fact and as soon as they'll have the 1st child, they will forget abt this silly concept of different sects.

Then at the morning, they were put at the door, khalas khelsit l sahra....they head to a hotel, akid they can't stay at Krys' place, hiye anja2 sey3a, plus they are newly wedded ya3ne kiss kiss bang bang :))...then the next day they called their parents and told them the good news and hung up not letting them criticize or saying whatever they wanted to say....
eh ba3den they went to venise cua Paris is very crowded and Venise is soon to fade away hehe...and I dunno what happened there cuz Krys didn't go with them bas probably it was all the time kiss kiss bang bang :)))

Heyde hkeyte hkita (ma ba3ref how to end this line lol ) :P
Rany said…
:)) Nice story, so after all you were part of the conspiracy, and everything was planned evening w morning W "2osas"!!!! It's good that the parents forgot about the different sects thing after the first child coz in many cases it doesn't work that way. Parents have to hide in shame from their sect's community that despises them because of what their children did.
Anyway Good luck for them! :)

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