Lebanese victimised

18th of April 1996 was the day when the first Qana massacre was committed by the so called Israeli defense army that doesn't do anything other than delibrately agressing and killing civilians. 106 civilians died most of them children and women, they were taking shelter at a UN center in the southern town. And as usual the IDF declared that it was done by mistake, and it is noteworthy that the UN center was targeted by a rocket form an Apache helicopter, that has one of the most advanced cognition and targeting technology available, and the crime was committed during a clear sunny day.
18th of April 2007, when celebrating the memory of Qana's victims, we learn that two lebanese students Rima Smeha and Ross Alameddine were killed in the Virginia institute of technology shooting. Over 1200 Lebanese lost their lives in the last July war. Around 35 people lost their lives in various bombings in Lebanon the last couple of years. To all of you rest in peace.


Krys said…
ooooops je savais pas ke 2 libanaises..I only read abt reema samaha.
Salam said…
hello man,as long as you remember I hope you shall ask me no more why do i support the resistance in the south.but with respect to the internal affiars, i might oppose them. with respect to the others and what happen in the Virginia institute of technology, may they all rest in peace.
but this is life.
Rany said…
Krys, they're two unfortunately.

Salam, as far as I remember i think that i never asked you why you support resistance in the south. We talked about internal affairs and I always argue with those who support 8th of march and those who support 14th of march, and they're almost everyone around me. Mesh mradi 7ada. Everyone hates me for that.

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