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All blogger blogs support RSS and Atom feeds and almost every blogger has on his blog an RSS feed icon, or a feedburner feed but the question is: Is there anyone using them? is there anyone subscribing to RSS feeds from anywhere?
As far as I have seen, most of the people I know do not understand what RSS is and do not benefit from this technology, eventhough it is available in all circumstances, if you have Firefox 2.0 or Inernet explorer 7 then you can easily subscribe to any feed since they have embeded feed readers, or you can have your own RSS reader or you can subscribe to a web based RSS reader that you can login to it from anywhere. The good thing about RSS or any other type of feed is that it allows you to monitor web pages that are updated regularly in a simple way and in one place, u can see what's been updated and what's not and you can see which subjects you might want to read without opening the actual page. It saves a lot of time, and makes web browsing easier and more enjoyable.
I'm interested in knowing if you use RSS feeds. Do you find RSS or Atom feeds useful, please tell me.
You can subscribe to feed from this blog by clicking on the feed icon, or if you have a web based feed reader account go here.
For more detailed info about RSS go here


Anonymous said…
I wish I can help you!!!

Since you have an interest in this subject,I have a different question: Is it necessary to update to internet explorer 7. I didn't like it and switched back..What do u think ??
Thank you,

Rany said…
I don't think it's necessary to update to IE7. But it is supposed to be better than IE6 in terms of usability and security.
Krys said…
yeah I've seen the icon on almost all the blogs and never understoof its utility!! :)
achinar said…
I used RSS during July war, I had every Arab, Israeli, and American news agency delivering their "happy"news to me "awal bi awal" I occasionaly checked french and German news...

But I'm not sure how it works on blogs ya Rany, can you elaborate a bit more, ie tell me how can i get it? I mean I clicked on the RSS icon and i got 3 pages of chinese :S

I need help... HELP I'm so not IT friendly... I can't even post a link on my blog :S
Rany said…
Krys: Now you know. :)

Achinar: If you're using inernet explorer 7 or Firefox two( which u can download using the link on this blog), they both have feed reading capabilities, whenever you open a page that has feed capabilities you see the feed icon in the browser tool bar becoming active, just click it subscribe and it'll be in ur feeds bookmark. If ur using a web based reader like google reader or my yahoo or any other. U just log in to ur account click on subscribe or add feed url, and then u copy the shortcut ( right click on the feed icon in the blog and copy shortcut) from the blog u want to add to ur list, then u paste the url and it'll be in ur feed list. Most of us have a gmail account so go to log in with ur gmail account, and start having ur webbased feed reader.

My feed burner feedcounter shows that 5 persons have subscribed to this blog's feed, i wonder who they are.
Rany said…
I think that i made it a bit complicated, so to make it simple if you have a gmail account go here and click on add it to my google icon and log in with ur gmail account. it'll be on ur google reader list.
nightS said…
i can't live without my google reader..and now you have to figure out the other four who subscribed to your feed :)

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