He said: It so frustrating when you're just turning in useless circles, you start and you end at exactly the same status and the same place, they do you nothing these circles other than teasing you by telling you that the clock is ticking and time is passing.

She said: Yes it's true; it can really be a pain in the ass. But tell me, do you like her that much, I mean it's too much. I've been your friend for 5 years now, and it’s the first time that I see you like that, anyway you gave me the proof that men can really love deeply.

He said: wow it's been 5 years since we met, a lot of time has passed. We've maintained a nice friendship against all odds, impressive.
And about her, yes I like her that much but I think it's over.

She said: (surprised) wait a minute, I’m confused here, you're saying that you don't love her? So much for my “loving deeply man” theory!!

He said: (smiles) no you can stick to your theory, well it's not a theory it's a fact. But it's not my case, at least not this time.

She said: I’ve never expected to hear from you the cliché “I thought I loved her, but I was wrong”, is this the case?

He said: No not at all, I really liked her. She’s attractive sexy and fun, but I discovered that physical attraction is not enough to maintain a relationship, we simply couldn't get along. Too many contradictions and you can say we have opposing mentalities. So we agreed on going each in his separate way.

She said: Ok, sounds fair. But how can I be sure that it isn't your ice cream theory that was experimented and applied?

He said: Come on, you know that I was serious with her right from the start. It has nothing to do with the theory about girls being like ice cream flavors to taste one after the other. And you're taking this theory more seriously than you should. It's just a stupid thing that I said once and you are forgetting the fact that every one of us has his own favorite flavor to which he always sticks. Besides, I met her in the winter; it wasn’t the ice cream season. (smiles)

She said: pfff, spare me your silly jokes now.

He said: (laughs) ok, I will.
(She punches him on the shoulder)

She said: So what were those useless circles all about?

He said: I wasn’t talking about her, I’m sure that it’s over and I’m feeling good about it because it’s for the best of both of us.

She said: And you were talking about?

He said: It’s just a feeling when you have no progress at all. You work hard and dream you make plans you set goals but in vain you remain just like the rotating door at the entrance of a hotel, you turn and turn, so many things pass through you and around you but you remain in exactly the same place.

She said: Well it’s the trend nowadays; it’s the case of almost everyone. We can do nothing other than waiting till a more advantageous situation arrives.

Stop talking about problems and let us enjoy this evening. It was very charming to see the sunset from this balcony, very delightful. And now the night is very beautiful, no moon but the sky is full of stars. You know, the moon light hides the stars I never thought that you can really see that much of stars in the sky it’s amazing, and you can actually hear the sound of sea waves from here. How come you never told me about this place before?

He said: It belongs to my uncle and he’s on a long business trip.

She said: And why did you decide to bring me here instead of going out with others like usual?

He said: It’s my secret place here, and I think that you’re the only friend that I can share it with. We can watch football games everywhere, but it’s only you who can appreciate such a place, haven’t you heard what you’ve just said a moment ago?


He said: If my parents know that I’m alone with a girl in my uncle’s place they will really be pissed off. They’ll never understand what we have; they’ll never believe that a young man and a young woman can have a true relation of friendship just like any other relation of friendship between persons from the same sex and even better.

She said: (smiles sarcastically) If my parents know, I’ll be in deep trouble. But I don’t care I feel very safe and at ease with you just like being with my best girlfriend and more.

He said: Heyyyy! You’re insulting me here. I’m you’re best friend but I’m a man!!

(She laughs at him)

He said: Stop laughing!!!

(She laughs more)

She said: no I meant that we really support each other like true friends, you know, I always listen to you and assist you with your problems and give you help. That’s why we’re real friends.

He said: Oh really! And I never listened to you and helped you in so many things for like more than a thousand times?

She said: no you didn’t. (smiles)

He said: (smiles) you know I feel like I must throw you off the balcony, I know that you’ve been a true friend but I was always there for you when you needed me. And the best part of it was when you had troubles with your father or teacher or any male in this world, you always came and took it out all on me just because I have XY chromosomes, and I always listened and helped, that alone is a huge I mean a really huge thing. (smiles sarcastically)
(She punches him on the shoulder)

He said: I need that shoulder!!

She said: I know you’re really my best friend.

He said: you’re really too. (he puts his arm around her shoulders and squeezes her)
(she looks at him and smiles)

He said: I’m sick and tired of staying here and I’m going to leave this country I have prepared everything.

She said: (surprised) you’re serious?

He said: Yes I am, why wouldn’t I be? My uncle has some friends abroad, and they need someone like me. So it’s the perfect job opportunity I can grow professionally with them and acquire a lot of important experience.

(she looks ahead and stands up, and then walks to the end of the balcony, half a minute pass)

He said: Are you bored? Do you want to leave?

(He stands up and walks to her.)

He said: Are you all right?

(He stands next to her, looks at her face and discovers her tearful eyes.)
He said: What’s going on here?
(he kisses her on her cheek, takes her into his arms and hugs her strongly)

To be continued.


Krys said…
What happened after they both admitted their love for each other???
Krys said…
oops sorry thos comment was supposed to be on the other suite.
Anyways... :P
Rany said…
First of all :P

Second, who cares what happened after they both admitted their love. I will not write in the story format anymore coz it seems that it is not succeeding in conveying my ideas. I was trying to raise questions about friendship between boy girl, is it possible or is it impossible as most of the people i know have said. When a man and a woman say we're just friends does that mean they don't care about each other they're not serious in their relationship or what? friendship between a boy and a girl is it supposed to be the antonym of love. And can't they coexist?
I chose to end the story saying that they can coexist, i was expecting someone to say that's too surrealistic or it is possible or friendship cannot exist between a boy and a girl or any other opinion but it seems that everyone simply enjoyed the story.

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