Conversation (continued)

She said: you prepared everything and didn’t tell me anything about it and now you just simply pop it up just like that telling me that you’re leaving, and you’re asking what’s wrong?

He said: I’m really sorry; I didn’t think that your reaction will be that way. The only reaction that I had from my male friends was “we’ll miss you”.

She said: I will miss you too, but in my own way. You can’t compare me to them, you’re very dear to me but you never saw that or felt like that.

He said: I never saw that but you know nothing about what you mean to me, I always thought that you are a blazing beauty right from the first time I saw you. Our relationship started smoothly we’ve met by coincidence and then with time our trust in each other was getting deeper and stronger, my admiration for you was getting bigger and bigger. And I loved the way things were, you were my friend and that meant I will never lose you no matter what, we’ll always be friends.
(seconds of silence)
But that doesn’t mean that I didn’t notice your breathtaking beauty, your piercing warm eyes, your sweet lips and your femininity that overwhelms me when you’re around me and when you’re not. Our friendship did not mean that I had no feelings for you, on the contrary the more I knew about you the more you became attractive, the more I saw how you think, how you feel the more I felt that I needed you and the more I knew about those details that speak out your personality the more I felt that you were getting under my skin. You are more than very dear to me.

She said: And what is that supposed to mean? It’s me who you’re talking to, remember? I know that you’re good with words, you can’t fool me.

He said: I love you, you stupid. I’m so much in love with you till up and over my ears.
(She punches him on the shoulder)

She said: And instead of telling me about it you tell me that you’re leaving.
(She punches him again)
(He kisses her lips and pulls away)
(She kisses his lips and then pushes him away)

She said: And what about our friendship, does that mean it is over?

He said: no it’ll never be over.

She said: how can you be so sure?

He said: Cause it’s already there, we have a true friendship and on top of that we have love, the perfect combination.

She said: But you’re leaving.
He said: I’m not leaving forever. I will do my best to make it as short as possible. We’ll make a time plan and we’ll prepare our future together.

She said: Our future, who told you that I love you?
(He holds her up)

He said: I’m going to throw you off the balcony, this time for real.

She said: Put me down, put me down, ok I love you I swear I do.
(He puts her down)
You’re the only true friend that I’m so in love with.


Robert said…
Wow...such a thought-provoking conversation....ur post kept my eyes fixed for quite sometime unless I started searching for the rest of the conversation...what happened to this friendship thereafter?? I'm eager to know the rest of the story...u can also drop by my blog if u want to check out some cool stuffs on friendship and do drop a line so that I might know how u liked my blog...have a good day :)
nice story ,,,

either ur a very good writer ,,, or the story is for real ...
Rany said…
Robert, thx for ur comment.

Isam i don't know about the good writer thing but the story is for sure not real it was born out of my imagination.
Rany said…
First of all :P

Second, who cares what happened after they both admitted their love. I will not write in the story format anymore coz it seems that it is not succeeding in conveying my ideas. I was trying to raise questions about friendship between boy girl, is it possible or is it impossible as most of the people i know have said. When a man and a woman say we're just friends does that mean they don't care about each other they're not serious in their relationship or what? friendship between a boy and a girl is it supposed to be the antonym of love. And can't they coexist?
I chose to end the story saying that they can coexist, i was expecting someone to say that's too surrealistic or it is possible or friendship cannot exist between a boy and a girl or any other opinion but it seems that everyone simply enjoyed the story nothing more.
Krys said…
Rany, first of all you should be happy cause everyone liked ur writing style, meaning u have skills.

Second, if you wanted a discussion, I think (but that's only my opinion) that you shoudn't have gave us an ending leaving the door open to all possibilities, that way whoever reads the story, writes an ending depending on his beliefs about friendship and love between a guy and a girl.

Third point, friendship between a guy and a girl is not surrealist at all.
It can exist without the love (I mean a love relationship).
I am the biggest proof: my bestfriend is a guy and 90% of my friends are guys...even on the blogosphere I get along with guys more than girls lol :D
Case in point, not only love units a guy and a girl, sometimes their friendship is too solid that it can make the boyfriend or the girlfriend of one or the other, very jealous about this complicity.

I have my guy bestfriend since I was 4 years old and definitely we never had love feeling for each other, bel 3akes, each of us had a separate lovelife and here we are 20 years of friendship :)))
Rany said…
Krys,I thought about leaving the door open for others to end the story, but i gave up on it bec i think ma 7ada elo 5ele2 ykaffi 2ossa, anyway meshi el 7al here we are talking about it.

I do believe, same as you, that a simple true friendship can exist between a boy and a girl, and it happened with me, but everyone around me do not believe in it that's why i wanted to talk about it.
20 yrs of friendship!! smallah! 3e2bel el miyyeh. :)

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