Romantic light

It was one of the most romantic nights I've ever lived, her eyes reflected the candle light and glittered with love..... bla bla bla... ok, enough with the bulls**t, the truth is this is what happens when both EDL ( kahrabt el dawleh ) and the neighborhood generator are out, you'll have to ask the help of candles to light the darkness of your night. So to all of you who are abroad, add power outages to your list of nostalgia clichés . Yes tabbouleh, mne2ish, kebbeh and power outages cause it is sure becoming part of our national heritage.


achinar said…
yeah right! you know Rany, some 18 months back, Dubai was in the dark for half an hour, only half an hour to an hour maximum I don't remember what were the damages, like multiples of millions, naturally the next day some big guy was sacked. Exactly the same thing in Lebanon!
Anonymous said…
Did you ever think that they may be doing it on purpose to create a romantic setting for the Lebanese. Think about it, all day nothing but bad news,demonstrations and stress,you go home and the candles are waiting for you.This way you are forced to relax and enjoy the romantic lights..
Don't feel bad, here in Florida a tornado hit and we were without power for over a week,it was terrible. I thought if anybody can live without electricity it's me, after all I had a lot of experience,it was hard..

Rany said…
Achinar: yeah definitely the same thing in Lebanon, ma kel wa7ad wara za3im a nuclear war couldn't remove them, and about losses over here we lose 1 $billion dollars per year when we have electricity, the operational losses of EDL are around one billion dollars.

Heba: To create a romantic setting? well all i see overhere is anger, we pay two electricity bills at the end of the month and still we're having too much of outages.
Krys said…
oh that's the only thing I wouldn't add to my nostalgia...& one more thing... internet connection :P

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