Narciso Yepes was one of the finest virtuoso classical guitarists of the twentieth century. Despite a strong interest in music from the Baroque period, his overwhelming preference was for the serious compositions of Spanish composers from the early twentieth century, though he also showed interest in flamenco music. He displayed a special fondness for the works of Joaquín Rodrigo and was instrumental in the rediscovery of many previously neglected Baroque compositions. He also achieved distinction as a composer, especially in the realm of film music.
In 1952 he arranged a traditional song for guitar "Romance" which would become the music for the film Forbidden Games (Jeux interdits) by René Clément impulsing his career on an international level. Yepes also performed other pieces for the movie, including a Catalan Folk Song and a piece by Robert de Visée, this work garnered awards at Cannes, Venice, and Hollywood.
In 1964, Yepes performed the Concerto de Aranjuez with the Berlin Philharmonic, premiering the ten-string guitar which was created in collaboration with the renowned guitar maker José Ramirez. Yepes was the greatest proponent of the 10-string, an instrument that made it possible to transcribe works originally written for baroque lute without deleterious transposition of the bass notes. However, the main reason for the invention of this instrument was the addition of string resonators tuned to C, A#, G#, F#, which resulted in the first guitar with truly chromatic string resonance - similar to that of the piano when the pedal is employed.

I wasn't planning for posting romance, but i did after reading nights' blog, she plays it in a nice way.


nightS said…
awwel marra besma3 hayde 2osset el 10-string, fi menno b lebnan???
elconnection ta3ise 3ande halla2 w i can't download/hear the two pieces bas if this is Caprichio Arabe t3eet F.Tarrega bekoun zaw2ak 3a zaw2e...this one is my favorite!!!
w thanks by the way...aymtin baddak tsame3na how do you play it? ;)
Rany said…
yes it's the one written by Tarrega zaw2e 3a zaw2ek. And about playing it, my classical guitar technique is still somehow weak, i play acoustic guitar. i'll try to post something i played later.
About the 10 string guitar, i don't know if it exists in lebanon.
Anonymous said…
Thanks ya Rani for posting something so beautiful,am telling you it is much needed. After listening to both I discovered how much I am disconnected from everything that is beautiful, so consumed with what is going in Lebanon,I forgot to stop and "smell the roses" as they say..very nice. thanks

One question: is it possible to save both pieces to my computer from here?? when I click on the titles am getting a message, "Invalid menu handle".

Rany said…
Heba, sorry for being late to reply, I've been away. You can easily save them, just right click on the title and save target as. Keep on smelling roses. ;)

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